4HP Small Electric Motor Manufacturer

4HP Small Electric Motor Manufacturer

Technical specs

Slip ring electric powered YZR motor crane hoist
Pole&colon six 8 ten
For lifting machine
Duty&colon S1-S5

Underground mine motor underground coal mine equipment motor ac crane lower voltage slip ring wound rotor cement mill re-rolling mill

Feature and usage

YZR&comma YZ series metallurgical and crane motor

These series of metallurgical and crane 3-period motor YZR&comma YZ with wound and squirrel cage rotor are specifically used to push metallurgical crane and other equivalent devices with much better overload capacity and mechanical strength&comma as a result&comma it is ideal for brief time obligation or intermittent time period duty and equipments with frequent beginning and braking or distinctive vitration and impact&time period
The standard selection of power output and mounting dimensions are in comply with the reconmended common of IEC 72&comma the relation between variety of energy output and mounting proportions are comparable to regular JEM1202 and West Germany common DIN42681&comma so that most of them can be interchanged&time period
The motor can operate effectively when the altitude does not exceed 1000m&time period
There are two classes of F and H insulation&comma Class F is applicalbe to suit temperature which great air does not exceed 40 below typical issue&comma Class H is appropriate for metallurgical websites when ambient temperature no exceeding 60 each motors have very same knowledge&interval
The motors possess much better enclosure&comma diploma of security IP44 for normal site issue&comma and IP54 for metallurgical issue&time period
Motor’s rated voltage and frequency is 380V&comma 50HZ&time period

Motor Efficiency

Electricity selection&colon 1&period8-250KW
Rated Voltage&colon 380V-440V
Pace&semi 1500rpm 1000rpm 750rpm 600rpm
Defense Course&colon IP44 IP54
Ambient Temperature&colon Ambient temperature not exceeding 40° C &lparfor crane utilizes&rpar or 60° C &lparfor metallurgical utilizes&rpar
Altitude&colon Not exceed 1000 Meter
Rated Frequency&colon 50Hz&sol60Hz
Insulation Class&colon F
Temprature rise&colon B
Cooling&colon Body 112-132&colon IC0041 Body&colon 160-355 IC0141 Frame&semi 400 IC0151
Operating Duty&colon S2&comma S3&comma S4&comma S5
1&time period Limited-time obligation kind &lparS2&rpar
Operation of continual load for the duration of a offered time&comma considerably less than that necessary to attain thermal equilibrium&comma adopted by a relaxation and de-energized time period of ample duration to re-build machine temperature inside of two deg K of the coolant&period
two&period of time Intermittent periodic duty type &lparS3&rpar
A sequence of similar responsibility cycles&comma each which includes a period of time of procedure at consistent load and a relaxation and de-energized time period but the operation interval are so brief that it is not adequate for the equipment to attain thermal equilibrium In this duty kind&comma the cycle is these kinds of that the starting present does not substantially influence the temperature rise&time period
3&period Intermittent periodic responsibility sort with starting &lparS4&rpar
A sequence of identical duty cycles&comma each like a substantial period of time of commencing&comma a interval of operation of continual load and a relaxation and de-energized period of time&comma but the operation time period are so limited that it is not adequate for the equipment to attain thermal equilibrium&period of time
4&period Intermittent periodic duty kind with electric braking &lparS5&rpar
A sequence of similar obligation cycles&comma each consisting of a period of starting&comma a period of operation at constant load and a rest and de-energized period&comma but the procedure period of time are so quick that it is not ample for the machine to achieve thermal equilibrium&time period

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Strong Package deal Make sure Motor protected adequate for Ship or Truck Transportation

Shaft Mounting
top Arrangement driving End Non-driving End driving End Non-driving End
112 308 308 308 308
132 309 309 309 309
a hundred and sixty 311 311 311 311
one hundred eighty 313 313 313 313
two hundred 315 315 32315 46315
225 315 315 32315 46315
250 316 316 32316 46316
280 32320 320 32320 46320
315 32322 322 32322 46322
355 32326 326
400 32330 330

4HP Small Electric Motor Manufacturer