China Economical and Durable High Efficiency Automatic Chamber Filter Press

China Economical and Durable High Efficiency Automatic Chamber Filter Press

China Cost-effective and Resilient Large Efficiency Automatic Chamber Filter Press

Characteristics of Automatic Chamber Filter press&colon
one&period Huge pressing drive&lpar17-20MPa&rpar can keep away from leakage effectively&time period
2&interval CZPT station adopts ABB motor&comma it is continual in operation&period of time
three&period Vehicle closing and vehicle opening&period of time
4&interval Labor preserving&interval
5&period of time It specially use to types with massive ability&comma it can make sure very good filtering impact&interval

Introduction of Automated Chamber Filter Press&colon
Large Performance Automatic Chamber Filter Push is a variety of filter push realizes the filtration influence by the mechanical power in one facet of the filter media&comma filter chamber composed by filter plates and depend pressure as driving drive&period
The alternation rating filter plates sort the filter chambers&comma there are grooves on filter plate and bulge segment on the filter plate is used for supporting the filter fabric&time period There are through holes on the edge and middle of filter plate&comma which kind a complete channel&comma suspension feed via the center gap &lparfeeding port&rpar&comma and the wash water or filtrate discharge from the gap on the edge of filter plate&time period Plate plates are supported on the beam by handles&interval


Type Filter region &lparm2&rpar Plate measurement &lparmm&rpar Cake thickness &lparmm&rpar Filter chamber voiume &lparL&rpar Amount plate &lparpcs&rpar Filtretion stress &lparmpa&rpar
XZ30&sol870-30U 30 870×870 thirty 460 23 &period6
XZ40&sol870-30U 40 870×870 thirty 595 30 &period6
XZ50&sol870-30U 50 870×870 thirty 748 38 &period6
XZ60&sol870-30U 60 870×870 30 902 forty six &period6
XZ70&sol870-30U 70 870×870 thirty 1056 54 &period6
XZ80&sol870-30U eighty 870×870 30 1210 sixty two &period6
XZ50&sol1000-30U 50 1000×1000 30 752 28 &period6
XZ60&sol1000-30U 60 1000×1000 30 940 34 &period6
XZ70&sol1000-30U 70 1000×1000 thirty 1063 40 &period6
XZ80&sol1000-30U 80 1000×1000 thirty 1219 forty six &period6
XZ100&sol1000-30U a hundred 1000×1000 30 1505 fifty seven &period6
XZ120&sol1000-30U a hundred and twenty 1000×1000 thirty 1816 sixty nine &period6


Variety Filter area &lparm2&rpar Plate measurement &lparmm&rpar Cake thickness &lparmm&rpar Filter chamber voiume &lparL&rpar Quantity plate &lparpcs&rpar Filtretion force &lparmpa&rpar
XZ100&sol1250-30U 100 1250×1250 thirty 1479 36 &period6
XZ120&sol1250-30U 120 1250×1250 30 1777 43 &period6
XZ140&sol1250-30U a hundred and forty 1250×1250 30 2094 fifty one &period6
XZ160&sol1250-30U 160 1250×1250 thirty 2381 fifty eight &period6
XZ180&sol1250-30U 180 1250×1250 thirty 2669 65 &period6
XZ200&sol1250-30U two hundred 1250×1250 thirty 2965 seventy two &period6
XZ220&sol1250-30U 220 1250×1250 thirty 3285 80 &period6
XZ250&sol1250-30U 250 1250×1250 thirty 3737 91 &period6
XZ200&sol1500-30U 200 1250×1250 30 3571 49 &period6
XZ250&sol1500-30U 250 1500×1500 30 3739 61 &period6
XZ300&sol1500-30U 300 1500×1500 thirty 4413 seventy four &period6
XZ350&sol1500-30U 350 11500×1500 30 5210 86 &period6
XZ400&sol1500-30U 400 1500×1500 30 6007 ninety nine &period6
XZ450&sol1500-30U 450 1500×1500 thirty 6743 111 &period6
XZ500&sol1500-30U five hundred 1500×1500 thirty 7478 123 &period6
XZ600&sol2000-30U 600 2000×2000 forty twelve&period0 85 &period6
XZ700&sol2000-30U 700 2000×2000 forty 14&period0 99 &period6
XZ800&sol2000-30U 800 2000×2000 forty sixteen&period0 107 &period6
XZ900&sol2000-30U 900 2000×2000 forty eighteen&period0 127 &period6
XZ1000&sol2000-30U 1000 2000×2000 40 20&period1 141 &period6

When the filter fabric was blocked&comma it can use the cloth washing technique to cleanse the blocked strong by substantial stress drinking water&comma so that it can boost the filtration velocity and enlarge the daily life-span&time period

The gadget have two types&colon Solitary Washing Method and CZPT Poles Washing Technique&time period

Rewards of CZPT Filter Push&colon
one&period of time Lower cake moisture
two&period Unmanned operation and expense preserving
three&period Resist substantial temperature and corrosion
4&period of time Good sealing result can completely stay away from leskage

Application of CZPT filter press
CZPT filter press commonly applicable to coal washing&comma inorganic salt&comma mining&comma liquor&comma petroleum&comma chemical&comma dyestuff&comma metallurgy&comma drugs&comma foodstuff&comma paper producing and sewage remedy industries&interval

Company Overview
ZheJiang CZPT Filter Equipment Co&period of time&comma Ltd&time period is a expert filter push producer&period It has 3 subsidiary corporations in ZheJiang and HangCZPT&interval Now ZheJiang CZPT is the most significant filter press base in the centre of China&interval We are specialised in developing&comma creating and offering filter presses and other relevant equipment&interval We are also very good at providing our buyers with thorough filtration solutions&period Our company now handles an area of 30000 square meters&commawith advanced equipment and strict QC procedures&period

Our product line&colon
Automatic Membrane Filter Presses&comma
Automated Chamber&solRacessed Filter Presses&comma
CZPT&solMechanical&solManual Filter Presses&comma
Special Filter Presses&comma
Filter Plates&lparincluding CGR Gasketed Filte Plates&rpar&comma
Belt Filter Presses&comma
Bag Filters 

In buy to meet up with different filtration demands of buyers&comma we have been continuously establishing and enhancing our prduct technological innovation&comma quality&comma method automation and right after-product sales services&time period Our years’ unremitting efforts have introduced us fantastic trust from buyers and our merchandise appreciate quickly income overseas&period

China Economical and Durable High Efficiency Automatic Chamber Filter Press