Cold Feed Type Single Screw Rubber Extruder

Cold Feed Type Single Screw Rubber Extruder

Application of Chilly Feed Rubber Extruder:
The cold feed rubber extruder is a basic equipment of rubber sector, which is largely utilised for the extrusion of 50 %-concluded rubber items such as tire tread, interior tube, rim band, and rubber tube.

Technical specs of Chilly Feed Rubber Extruder

Product Variety Screw Diameter Srew L/D Velocity of Srew Motor Electricity Productivity Bodyweight
XJW-45 45mm eight – ten eight. – 80 r/min seven.five – 11 Kw 35 kg/h .eight t
XJW-60 60mm ten -twelve 7.five – seventy five r/min fifteen – 22 Kw 60 kg/h 2.4 t
XJW-sixty five 65mm twelve -14 7.5 – seventy five r/min 22 – thirty Kw 80 kg/h 2.six t
XJW-seventy five 75mm 12 -fourteen 6. – sixty r/min 37 – 45 Kw 180 kg/h 2.eight t
XJW-90 90mm 12 -14 six. – sixty r/min 45 – fifty five Kw 260 kg/h three.two t 
XJW-a hundred and twenty 120mm 12 -sixteen five.five – 55 r/min seventy five – ninety Kw 480 kg/h five.2 t
XJW-one hundred fifty 150mm 12 -16 four.five – forty five r/min 110 – 132 Kw 800 kg/h 8. t
XJW-200 200mm 12 -sixteen 3.five – 35 r/min 220 – 280 Kw 1200 kg/h eleven. t
XJW-250 250mm twelve -sixteen 2.6 – 26 r/min 355 – 415 Kw 2200 kg/h 21. t

Functions of Chilly Feed Rubber Extruder:

one. Screw:
B. Floor nitriding processing
D. nitride depth≥0.55mm
E. Construction
    a. Hollow composition, straightforward for temperature control
    b.The thread path of the rotary joints is the identical with that of the rotation 
        of the screw.
    c. Screw head dimension satisfies the organization common
    d. At minimum one hour 10kg/cm2 hydraulic testing produced inside of the screw. No leakage.

two. Reducer: hardened tooth
A. Style Issue: software factor≥1.75
B. two-phase transmission, parallel shafts, sounds<85db (A)
C. The output shaft adopts hollow structure, inserting screw for torque 
D. With hagioscope, oil common, and oil drain with finish cap
E. Lubrication technique is made up with Impartial lubricating oil pump. Easy for gear and bearing compelled lubrication.
F. The best of reduce is equipped with vent valve. The oil drain is in the bottom 
of the reducer.

3. Temperature management:
A. Pipeline locates in the non-doing work spot of the extruder.
B. adaptable connecting pipe can bear a lot more than 120ºC
C. All valves have a nameplate
D. At minimum one hour 10kg/cm2 hydraulic tests made inside the screw. No leakage.

4. Engine base:
A.Extruder and motor are on the identical motor base.
B. With ample strength and stiffness, Can bear the torque, vibration, or other load caused 
by the extruder
C.With a hook or lifting hole for lifting

Cold Feed Type Single Screw Rubber Extruder