Electro-Magnetic Three Phase Asynchronous Motor with Cast Iron Housing

Electro-Magnetic Three Phase Asynchronous Motor with Cast Iron Housing

HMEJ &lparDC&rpar Collection Self-braking CZPT Motor
HMEJ &lparDC&rpar Collection Self-braking CZPT Motor which is totally enclosed squirrel cage with extra DC brake of disk sort&interval It has gain of quick brake&comma simple construction&comma high dependability and good flexibility&period In added&comma the brake has guide perform releasing composition which is commonly utilized in mechanical equipment and transmissions units for a variety of specifications of speedy end and accurate positioning&period


CZPT Current DC
Housing Materials Solid Iron
Body Size Range   225
Pole eight
Rated Electrical power Range&lparkw&rpar 18&period5
Rated Voltage Range 220&sol380V&comma380&sol660V&comma230&sol400V&comma400V&sol690V
Frequency  50HZ&sol60HZ
Protection Course IP44&commaIP54&commaIP55
 Insulation Class B&bsolF&bsolH
Mounting Type  B3&commaB5&commaB14&commaB35multi and pad mounting
Cooling Approach IC411
Teriminal Box Top Mounted


Variety Rate Electrical power Speed Recent         Energizing Electrical power Ist&solIn Tst&solTN    
KW RPM A &percnt CosΦ N&periodm S W       KG
380V&sol50HZ  2POLE 3000RPM
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 63M1 &period18 2720 &period53 65 &period8 four &period2 eighteen 5&period5 two&period2 2&period2 twelve
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 63M1 &period25 2720 &period69 68 &period81 four &period2 eighteen five&period5 two&period2 two&period2 thirteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M1 &period37 2740 &period99 70 &period81 four &period2 18 6&period1 2&period2 two&period2 14
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M2 &period55 2740 one&period4 seventy three &period82 4 &period2 eighteen six&period1 2&period2 2&period3 15
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M1 &period75 2845 1&period83 seventy five &period83 7&period5 &period2 thirty six&period1 two&period2 two&period3 17
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M2 one&period1 2840 two&period58 seventy seven &period84 7&period5 &period2 thirty seven 2&period2 two&period3 18
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90S 1&period5 2840 three&period43 seventy nine &period84 15 &period2 50 seven 2&period2 two&period3 23
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90L two&period2 2840 four&period85 81 &period85 fifteen &period2 50 7 2&period2 2&period3 26
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L three 2860 6&period31 eighty three &period87 thirty &period2 sixty five seven&period5 two&period2 2&period3 37
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 112M four 2880 eight&period1 85 &period88 40 &period25 ninety seven&period5 two&period2 two&period3 45
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132S1 5&period5 2900 eleven 86 &period88 75 &period25 90 7&period5 2&period2 two&period3 69
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132S2 7&period5 2900 14&period9 87 &period88 75 &period25 ninety 7&period5 2&period2 two&period3 72
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M1 11 2930 21&period3 88 &period89 one hundred fifty &period35 a hundred and fifty seven&period5 two&period2 2&period3 a hundred and twenty
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M2 15 2930 28&period8 89 &period89 a hundred and fifty &period35 150 seven&period5 2&period2 2&period3 one hundred thirty
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160L 18&period5 2930 34&period7 ninety &period9 one hundred fifty &period35 150 7&period5 two&period2 two&period3 149
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 180M 22 2940 40&period8 91 &period9 two hundred &period35 150 seven&period5 two 2&period3 189
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L1 30 2950 fifty five&period3 ninety one&period6 &period9 300 &period45 200 seven&period5 two two&period3 243
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L2 37 2950 sixty seven&period6 92&period4 &period9 300 &period45 200 7&period5 two two&period3 267
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225M 45 2970 eighty two 92&period7 &period9 four hundred &period45 200 7&period5 two 2&period3 323
380V&sol50HZ  4POLE 1500RPM
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 63M1 &period12 1310 &period44 fifty seven &period72 four &period2 eighteen 4&period4 2&period1 two&period2 thirteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 63M2 &period18 1310 &period62 60 &period73 4 &period2 18 four&period4 2&period1 2&period2 fourteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M1 &period25 1330 &period79 65 &period74 four &period2 eighteen five&period2 two&period1 two&period2 fifteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M2 &period37 1330 1&period12 sixty seven &period75 4 &period2 eighteen 5&period2 two&period1 two&period2 sixteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M1 &period55 1390 1&period57 seventy one &period75 7&period5 &period2 30 five&period2 two&period4 two&period3 17
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M2 &period75 1390 2&period03 seventy three &period76 7&period5 &period2 thirty 6 two&period3 2&period3 eighteen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90S 1&period1 1380 two&period89 seventy five &period77 fifteen &period2 50 6 two&period3 two&period3 22
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90L 1&period5 1390 3&period07 78 &period79 fifteen &period2 fifty six 2&period3 2&period3 27
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L two&period2 1390 five&period16 80 &period81 30 &period2 sixty five seven 2&period3 two&period3 34
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L2 3 1410 6&period78 eighty two &period82 30 &period2 sixty five seven 2&period3 2&period3 38
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 112M 4 1410 eight&period8 84 &period82 forty &period25 ninety seven 2&period3 two&period3 48
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132S 5&period5 1435 eleven&period7 eighty five &period83 seventy five &period25 90 7 two&period3 2&period3 seventy one
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132M seven&period5 1440 15&period6 87 &period84 75 &period25 a hundred and fifty 7 2&period3 2&period3 eighty three
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M 11 1440 22&period3 88 &period84 one hundred fifty &period35 one hundred fifty 7 two&period2 2&period3 128
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160L 15 1460 30&period1 89 &period85 one hundred fifty &period35 one hundred fifty seven 2&period2 two&period3 142
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 180M eighteen&period5 1470 35&period9 ninety one &period86 two hundred &period35 150 eight 2&period2 2&period3 184
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 180L 22 1470 forty two&period6 ninety one&period3 &period86 200 &period35 a hundred and fifty eight 2&period2 two&period3 197
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L thirty 1470 57&period4 92&period4 &period86 300 &period45 two hundred seven two&period2 2&period3 264
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225S 37 1480 69&period6 92&period9 &period87 three hundred &period45 200 7 two&period2 two&period3 303
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225M 45 1480 84&period3 93&period3 &period87 four hundred &period45 two hundred seven two&period2 two&period3 337
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M1 &period18 850 &period74 fifty six &period66 4 &period2 eighteen 4 one&period9 2 nine&period5
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 71M2 &period25 850 &period95 59 &period68 4 &period2 18 4 1&period9 two 11
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M1 &period37 885 1&period3 sixty two &period7 7&period5 &period2 30 4&period7 1&period9 2 seventeen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M2 &period55 885 1&period79 sixty five &period72 7&period5 &period2 30 4&period7 1&period9 2&period1 19
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90S &period75 910 2&period29 sixty nine &period72 fifteen &period2 50 5&period5 two 2&period1 22
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90L 1&period1 910 three&period18 72 &period73 fifteen &period2 50 five&period5 2 2&period1 26
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L 1&period5 920 3&period94 seventy six &period75 30 &period2 65 6&period5 two 2&period1 34
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 112M 2&period2 935 five&period6 seventy nine &period76 40 &period25 ninety six&period5 two two&period1 forty two
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132S three 960 seven&period4 81 &period76 75 &period25 90 six&period5 2&period1 two&period1 sixty eight
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132M1 4 960 nine&period8 eighty two &period76 seventy five &period25 90 six&period5 two&period1 two&period1 79
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132M2 five&period5 960 12&period9 84 &period77 75 &period25 90 6&period5 two&period1 2&period1 87
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M seven&period5 970 seventeen 86 &period77 one hundred fifty &period35 150 six&period5 2 two&period1 122
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160L 11 970 24&period2 87 &period78 150 &period35 a hundred and fifty six&period5 2 2&period1 141
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 180L fifteen 979 31&period5 89&period2 &period81 two hundred &period35 one hundred fifty seven two 2&period1 195
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L1 eighteen&period5 970 38&period4 90&period3 &period81 300 &period45 two hundred seven 2&period1 2&period1 217
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L2 22 970 forty four&period5 90&period4 &period83 300 &period45 two hundred 7 two&period2 2&period1 240
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225M thirty 980 59&period1 91&period8 &period84 four hundred &period45 two hundred seven two 2&period1 323
380V&sol50HZ  8POLE 750RPM
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M1 &period18 645 &period88 51 &period61 seven&period5 &period2 30 three&period3 one&period8 one&period9 seventeen
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 80M2 &period25 645 1&period15 54 &period61 seven&period5 &period2 50 3&period3 1&period8 one&period9 19
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90S &period37 670 1&period49 62 &period61 15 &period2 50 4 1&period8 1&period9 23
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 90L &period55 670 two&period18 63 &period61 fifteen &period2 fifty four 1&period8 2 25
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L1 &period75 680 two&period17 seventy one &period67 thirty &period2 sixty five four 1&period8 two 33
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 100L2 1&period1 680 2&period39 seventy three &period69 30 &period2 65 5 one&period8 two 38
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 112M one&period5 690 4&period5 seventy five &period69 40 &period25 ninety five one&period8 two 50
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132S two&period2 705 six 78 &period71 seventy five &period25 ninety six one&period8 two 63
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 132M three 705 7&period9 79 &period73 75 &period25 90 6 one&period8 two 79
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M1 four 720 10&period3 eighty one &period73 one hundred fifty &period35 one hundred fifty 6 1&period9 two 118
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160M2 five&period5 720 13&period6 eighty three &period74 one hundred fifty &period35 a hundred and fifty 6 2 two 119
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 160L 7&period5 720 seventeen&period8 85&period5 &period75 one hundred fifty &period35 150 six 2 two one hundred forty five
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 180L eleven 730 twenty five&period1 87&period8 &period76 three hundred &period35 150 6&period6 2 2 193
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 200L fifteen 730 34 88&period3 &period76 three hundred &period45 200 six&period6 2 2 250
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225S 18&period5 730 forty&period9 ninety&period4 &period76 300 &period45 two hundred 6&period6 one&period9 two 261
HMEJ&lparDC&rpar 225M 22 740 47&period1 91 &period78 150 &period45 two hundred 6&period6 one&period9 two 283

    Power beneath 3KW selects CZPT link&semiPower up 3KW selects Delta relationship

    The range of frame dimension from eighty to 132  &colonPackage by carton box and then

packed by wood box

    The assortment of frame measurement a hundred and sixty and previously mentioned&colonone wooden box for every set
For additional informations&commapls visit our internet website page CZPT be reluctant&excl

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Electro-Magnetic Three Phase Asynchronous Motor with Cast Iron Housing