High Quality CNC Machining Motor Shaft Driving Shaft in China

High Quality CNC Machining Motor Shaft  Driving Shaft in China

Large Quality CNC Machining Motor Shaft/ Driving Shaft in China

Aluminum can be utilised for CNC machining and milling in shorter time durations, so for most enterprises, this is a much more affordable and affordable alternative. When the content is exposed to the atmosphere, a protecting layer kinds on the surface, so the aluminum portion gives corrosion resistance in addition to greater energy. In addition, the chance of looking at rust will also slide. Amid other factors, machined aluminum components will be malleable, strong, chemical-resistant, and a conductor of electricity which has its evident positive aspects.
ByTune can produce distinct color of area complete according customer demand from customers, such as organic silver and a lot of shade anodized films. We have machined aluminum areas for various market.

Materials Available

Stainless Metal









mild steel,Carbon metal,4140,4340,Q235,Q345B,twenty#,forty five#,and so forth


POM, NYLON, NORYL, Acetal, Delrin, Polycarbonate, CZPT, Acrylic, Ab muscles,CZPT plastic,and many others.

If you have any other content specifications, make sure you speak to us in time, and we will offer you our expertise tips for you to produce the feasible and special laser engraving parts.

Superior & Higher Technologies Equipments  

Part Size Bar ability up to 2 ¾” diameter
Up to 50″ diameter
Tolerance As army normal
Equipment Amount Capability (diameter)
Okuma Captain L370
4 axis
28 2 3/4″ (70mm) bar,
ten” (500mm) blank
Okuma LB15
2 axis
28 one 5/8″ (42mm) bar,
ten” (250mm) blank
Hitachi-Seiki HVP20J
3 axis
18 1 five/8″ (42mm) bar,
10″ (250mm) blank
Doosan S280N
five axis
twenty five one five/eight” (42mm) bar,
50″ (1270mm) blank
Hardinge Tremendous-Precision
two axis
26 8″ (204mm) blank
Element Dimension ( CNC Milling and CNC Turning ) CNC Milling Areas ( Max ) : Duration 1030mm,Width 800mm, Height 750mm.
CNC Turning Elements (Max ): Diamter 680mm,Length 750mm.The measurement of the over areas are machined in the workshop.
Common Items Connectors,Cylinders,Finishes,
Flanges,Housings,Precision shafts,Sheet,
Seals,Sleeve, Lids, Bases…

Aluminum 6061:
(one)Characteristics:Enhanced corrosion resistance above 7075,CZPT goal aluminum with Medium power,Excellent formability, weldability,Containes magnesium and silicon.

(two)Apps:Electronic components, prototypes, plane fittings, camera lens mounts, couplings, marines fittings and hardware,and many others

Aluminum 7075
(one)Characteristics:Greater energy more than Aluminum 6061,Very good fatigue energy,Much better corrosion resistance than the aluminum 2000 alloys.

(2)Apps:Gears and shafts, fuse components, meter shafts and gears, regulating valve components, worm gears, keys,aircraft wings, and fuselages, bicycle factors,and so on.

Aluminum 2571:
(one)Characteristics:Substantial fatigue resistance, high strength, and susceptibility to thermal shocks.

(two)Purposes:Broadly utilised in aerospace and armed forces apps,etc.

Aluminum 5052:
(one)Features:Good resistance to maritime, saltwater, and industrial environments.The alloy can be simply punched, bent, and sheared into sought after shapes.

(two)Apps:Employed for creating machine areas, and factors to be utilized in salt water environments,and so forth.

Aluminum 6063:
(one)Characteristics:Outstanding mechanical properties,straightforward weldability, warmth treatability, sophisticated shapes with easy surfaces,and longevity.

(2)Apps:Frequently employed in applications these kinds of as door frames, window frames, signal frames, roofs, and many others.

Supply, delivery and payment
Our delivery is quick and 3 times to have samples of CNC machining parts ready. The raw content purchase of the CNC machining Parts is accomplished in 1 working day.
1)In 24 several hours quotation
2)three times for samples preparation
3)2 months for batch standard order
four)CZPT bundle
five)Samples payment by PayPal or western union
six)TT for standard PO

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High Quality CNC Machining Motor Shaft  Driving Shaft in China