Knelson Gold Centrifugal Concentrator Price

Knelson Gold Centrifugal Concentrator Price

1.Solution Description
  Gold Concentration Separator is kind centrifugal focus products. It can be employed not only for placer gold mining,
but also for difficult rock mining to recuperate the normal gold, replacing amalgamation. It is also used to recover gold from the previous tailings.
Considering that 1985, 3 types of Gold Focus Separator have been produced. Application demonstrates that the recovery can be as large
as ninety nine%, specifically for the case in recovering the all-natural gold in lode ore with sixty five% of the ore possessing a milling size of-.074mm, the
restoration for the normal gold is anticipated up to 98%. For that normal gold of .004mm in particle dimensions, the recovery is 97%.
The cleaning up cycle is one~4 hrs. And the improve ratio is up to one,000 times.

2.Working principle 
    Centrifugal gold concentrator is a relatively new sort of gravity concentration apparatus. The equipment utilise the ideas
of a centrifuge to boost the gravitational pressure experienced by feed particles to effect separation based mostly on particle density.
The crucial factors of the unit are a cone shaped “concentrate” bowl, rotated at large velocity by an electric motor and a
pressurized water jacket encompassing the bowl. Feed material, generally from a ball mill discharge or cyclone underflow bleed,
is fed as a slurry towards the centre of the bowl from previously mentioned. The feed slurry contacts the foundation plate of the vessel and owing to its rotation,
is thrust outward. The outer extremities of the concentrate bowl house a collection of ribs and in between every pair of ribs is a groove.
Throughout operation the lighter materials flows upward in excess of the grooves and hefty mineral particles (usually of financial benefit) grow to be
trapped within them. Pressurized water is injected by way of a sequence of tangential h2o inlets together the perimeter of each groove to
preserve a fluidized bed of particles in which hefty mineral particles can be efficiently concentrated.

4.Principal Characteristics

1) Large restoration rate: Through our examination, the restoration rate for placer gold can be ninety eight% or much more, for rock gold, the restoration rate could get to 97% when the feeding measurement is under 7mm.

two) Effortless to put in: Only a modest leveled spot essential. It really is a total line equipment, prior to starting it, we only want to link the h2o pump and electrical power.

3) Simple to change: There are only two factors that will influence the recovery result, they are h2o strain and feeding dimension. By providing proper water strain and feeding measurement, you could get the ideal recovery result.

4) No pollution: This machine only consumes drinking water and electric powered electrical power, and exhaust tailing and h2o. Reduced sounds, no chemical agent included.

five.CZPT Parameters


Knelson Gold Centrifugal Concentrator Price