Red Color Upgm203 Gpo3 Insulating Kit Machined Fiberglass Part for Cable Clamp

Red Color Upgm203 Gpo3 Insulating Kit Machined Fiberglass Part for Cable Clamp

                         GPO3 Plate Unsatured Polyester Glass Mat Laminate Sheet 

1. Introduction:
GPO3 is also called UPGM203 plate (Unsatured Polyester Glass Mat Plate). UPGM203 is IEC regular and GPO-three is NEMA quality. It is sort of rigid plate insulating substance, made of alkali-free fiberglass mat impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin, including pertinent chemical agents in heating and urgent to remedy into rigid plate.
CZPT Color: Crimson Coloration, White coloration.

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  • Sturdy and stiff
  • Affect resistant
  • Excellent electrical qualities ( underneath large humidity)
  • Good flame and smoke characteristics
  • Dimensional stability
  • Good arc resistance and tracking resistance.                                        

Widely used in the low voltage electrical industries this kind of as rail transportation, electricity era, wind energy, power transmission and distribution, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, community transportation and other fields.
It always manufactured into insulating structural elements as stick to goods:

  • phase and end barriers,
  • insulating supports, 
  • bus bar supports,
  • mounting panels in switch-equipment, 
  • change cupboard,
  • motor,
  • body breaker,
  • safety plate,
  • arcing plate,
  • slot wedge,
  • shifting go over spacer,
  • gasket,
  • cable clamp,
  • other types of electrical apparatus.

3.Additional processing GPO3:
It can be machined, punched, drilled, milled, sawn, sanded, sheared or routed.
Processing methods:
Firstly, use the scale milling cutter to method, in accordance to the various precision needs, use the processing precision to have on the finishing.

Secondly, assembly by bonding, metallic screws or rivets are also possible. Generally, the thinner thickness sheets just use the bonding tapes, huge thickness one demands metal screws and rivets to holding the substance steady with the CNC table.

Thirdly, processing in accordance the drawing by CNC machine into the different merchandise.

*Heat reminder about processing, according to the accuracy needs and area specifications of the processed products, the processing workshop will adopt diverse processing techniques.
CZPTly speaking, tungsten alloy cutter is the most typical materials as processing blades.

Packing & Shipping and delivery

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We try out our greatest to pack and shield the goods in accordance to custome’s requirment base on diverse sizes,hardness and other details.

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Red Color Upgm203 Gpo3 Insulating Kit Machined Fiberglass Part for Cable Clamp