Three-Phase Synchronous Motor Ball Mill Motor, Rod Mill Motor, AG Mill Motor Semi-Autogenous Mill Motor

Three-Phase Synchronous Motor   Ball Mill Motor, Rod Mill Motor, AG Mill Motor  Semi-Autogenous Mill Motor

TDMK collection synchronous motors (which includes TDMK sequence brushless synchronous motors and TMW collection brushless synchronous motors) are widely utilized in mining, cement and other industries. It is primarily used to travel mechanical gear with lower pace and larger energy, and the primary transmission grid kind ball mill, rod mill, and coal mill. This sequence of motors adopts new technological innovation, new materials, new procedures, exquisite content variety, and refined producing. It has the attributes of tiny dimensions, light excess weight, early look, large efficiency, lower sounds, low vibration, protected and dependable procedure, convenient and secure use and servicing, etc. .

This collection of synchronous motors are divided into two kinds: shaft drilling motors and shaft non-piercing motors. The shaft punching motor have to be utilized with a pneumatic clutch (the pneumatic clutch demands to be prepared by the person), and the shaft not punching motor requirements a increased commencing overall performance (remember to specify when ordering)

2Basic parameters
Electrical power assortment: 200KW~12000KW, rated voltage: 3000, 6000, 10000V, rated velocity: 150, 167, 187.5, 200r/min and so forth., defense amount: IP00IP20IP23IP44IP54 Functioning method: S1, cooling strategy :IC01IC37IC81W
Installation technique: IM7311IM7312IM7321 And many others

3CZPT qualities
TDMK series shaft-punching synchronous motors, whose commencing technique is utilised with pneumatic clutch, can comprehend the segmented commencing of synchronous motor and mill load, with tiny affect on the user’s energy grid, and allowing immediate commencing at entire voltage.
TDMK series shafts are not perforated synchronous motors with very high commencing functionality, which can fulfill the requirements of users to commence directly with load.
TDMK collection synchronous motors have higher working stability and sturdy overload capability. When the grid voltage drops or the motor is overloaded, the excitation program can instantly adjust and apply sturdy excitation to guarantee the balance of the motor.
The security device is superior and full. Stator windings and bearings are equipped with temperature detection devices, which can keep track of, alarm and excursion.
TMW collection brushless synchronous motors, its brushless excitation method adopts a rotating rectifier, a rotating armature AC primary excitation device, and a coaxial integrated construction with the synchronous motor. It has computerized de-excitation defense and automated excitation at the very best time of polarity. The clever computerized control perform of load out-of-action re-stepping and out-of-step security has a higher degree of balance and quickly reaction functionality, and it seems when the electrical power supply system voltage fluctuates instantaneously and triggers oscillation or the pushed mechanical tools and method stream appear When the transient disturbance is robust, the motor has the purpose of computerized smart defense and control, which has a significantly scaled-down impact on the procedure of the motor than the classic brushed synchronous motor.

four. Composition kind
The motor is composed of two pedestal bearings, stator, rotor and base plate.
The shaft drilling motor has a deep hole (intake hole) at the heart of the tail of the shaft, and an air hole at the shaft extension conclude for installing a pneumatic clutch. The shaft of TMW collection brushless synchronous motor is outfitted with a coaxial rotating rectifier and a rotating armature AC principal exciter, which replaces the collector ring and brush structure of TDMK sequence motors to offer excitation for the motor.
Stator: The stator frame is welded by steel plate, and the motor stator outlet is led by higher-voltage rubber cable. The outlet wire can be led out from the base element or from the principal junction box on the electrical aspect.
The stator main is laminated with low-loss silicon metal sheets, and the core sections are separated by radial air flow ducts.
The stator winding is F grade insulation, and the temperature rise is assessed according to B quality to assist increase the services daily life. Employing VPI total dipping paint remedy, it has large electrical overall performance, mechanical strength, bonding efficiency, moisture resistance and thermal stability.
The rotor magnetic pole core is manufactured of laminated steel plates, and the magnetic pole coils are insulated with course F.
When the user adopts the pneumatic clutch, the shaft can be punched according to the user’s needs. The rotor assistance is manufactured of solid steel.
TDMK collection brushed synchronous motors are geared up with metal slip rings on the shaft. An AC exciter and a rotating rectifier plate are installed on the shaft of the TMW sequence brushless synchronous motor. The bottom plate is a metal plate welded framework, which is welded with a 20-30mm steel plate.
Undertake seat variety spherical sliding bearing. The bearings are insulated to prevent shaft currents. Use new lubricating oil and slim-walled bearing alloy bushes, and set electromagnetic centerline indications.
TMW collection brushless synchronous motors have little rotary rectifier discs, compact constructions and electrical connections. The fastened elements and the warmth sink are built-in, which is reputable in procedure, minimal in failure charge, and practical in installation and maintenance.

Three-Phase Synchronous Motor   Ball Mill Motor, Rod Mill Motor, AG Mill Motor  Semi-Autogenous Mill Motor