CBB15 CBB16 welding machine capacitor IGBT absorption capacitor

CBB15 CBB16 welding machine capacitor IGBT absorption capacitor

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dv/dt (V/μs) Ls
U t-t 
U t-c 
.47 1200VDC seven 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 46×18×34
1 1200VDC fifteen 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 46×34×36
2 1200VDC 25 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 50×46×50
3 1200VDC 35 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-4 50×46×50
thirty 1250VDC 30 two hundred ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤100×10-4 74×46×49
40 1250VDC forty 200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤100×10-4 75×50×44
two 500VAC 25 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 63×49
3 500VAC 35 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-4 63×49
4 500VAC 50 1200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 63×49
five 500VAC sixty 1300 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-4 63×49
six 500VAC eighty 1400 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤10×10-four 76×49
ten 1400VDC 18 200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤30×10-4 50×60
20 1400VDC 35 200 ≤10 1800V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤50×10-four 50×60
50 350VAC 35 two hundred ≤10 600V, 10S 3000VAC,60S ≤55×10-four 50×60

1.Employed in filter,absorption,blocking,resonance circuits of higher-frequency swiching energy source.
two.Widely applied to EMI, Such as high frequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc.

CZPT Specifications

Reference CZPTs IEC61071,1EC61881
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Hotspot +70°C(oil),+85°C(dry)
Capacitance Tolerance ±5% or ±10%
Tanδ 3×10-three(100Hz,20°C)
Test voltage terminal to terminal Utt (one.three~one.five)Un for 10 seconds
Examination voltage terminal to terminal Ute (2Un+1000)VAC-50Hz for 60 seconds
Permissible Relative Humidity 75% Yearly average≤on thirty days/12 months
Climatic Classification IEC forty/eighty five/21
Scenario Components Aluminium,plastic,304stainlesssteel
Terminals Tinned brass fastons or screws
Set up Whatever Position
Life Expectancy ≥100.000hours at Un
Failure Rate 50 FIT
CZPTmmended torque for screw connrctions Internal thread M6-3Nm,M8-6Nm

Product Description
This capacitor is extensively utilized in the filed of electrical power electronics and has the purpose of isolating the direct recent, filtering out the large-buy harmonics on the bus side, absorbing and defending IGBT spikes, damping, clamping and the like.Static frequency converter for modern variable velocity transmisson, in which the switching function of semiconductor generates several parasitic singal, as a result,capactiors are needed to filter, get rid of ripples and harmonics in the circuit. The self-therapeutic metallized film capacitor can be utilised as a direct existing link and harmonic filtering of an intermediate circuit, and can also be utilized as an embedding and absorbing capacitor in a contorl circuit.The uncooked materials of the capacitor has undergone a particular metallzation coating -zHangCZPTan square resistance. By carrying out a unique vacuum evaporation method on oneside of the polypropylene base film, the thickness of the coating layer is distinct positions of the movie.The capacity of capacitor to manage huge present can be greatly improved by increasing the plant degere at the connection lead.

1.Utilized to take in or filter substantial-frequency impulse in higher-electricity large-frequency swich
2.Low ESR, high ripple current and large current shock handling capabilities 
three. Low Ls, good high frequency characteristics
4.Self-healing property
five.Long lifetime
 6.CZPT case, Filled with resin

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CBB15 CBB16 welding machine capacitor IGBT absorption capacitor