Cheap 36V 250W 350W 25km H Geared Electric Bicycle Hub Motor

Cheap 36V 250W 350W 25km H Geared Electric Bicycle Hub Motor

low cost 36v 250w 350w 25km/h geared electrical bicycle hub motor

Why want electrical bike package to convert into an e-bike?

1.reduced-carbon resolution, preserving your time and energy.

two.Stay the authentic appear & fashion of your favored bicycle

three.Occupy much less area, a lot more flexible than a vehicle. Cover the final number of HangCZPTs which a auto are unable to

4.Using an electric bike to get some clean air may make you feel greater than driving a car.

Packing checklist :

250w/350w geared  motor in double wall rim (20”-29”)
Controller KT 15A/17A
Two brake levers ( Brake sensor is CZPT too )
Twist throttle or Thumb throttle 
Pedal assistant system
KT LCD003 display 
Screws ,nuts ,Tie
Optioanl battery 

Specifics show :


Q:What is actually principal benefits of geared motor and gear less motor?

A: Geared motor has lighter weight,smaller measurement,zero drag(total freewheel when not utilizing battery, and exceptional performance.

Gearless motor has substantial best speed, much more electrical power output, and exceptional lifestyle span. 

Q:What is Pedal-Aid?

A:The Pedal-Help Mode (PAS) operates when you are peHangCZPTng the bicycle and progressively provides electrical electricity to the motor. The quicker you pedal, the much more energy is used. PAS method drastically raises battery selection as compared with using the throttle on your own. 

Q:Does the battery recharge when I pedal?

A:No, in purchase for the motor to recharge the battery, it would have to develop resistance which would make it as well challenging to pedal CZPT the motor. Unfortunately physics isn’t going to work in our favor.

Q:How significantly can I go on one cost?

A:There are a lot of variables that have an effect on length this kind of as weight, terrain, number of cease / starts off, riding speed, quantity of pedal support, quantity of hills climbed, tire pressures, and wind resistance and so on.

Q: Entrance wheel and rear wheel select which 1? 

A: Typical common front wheel is 100mm dropouts,less complicated to put in CZPT derailleur changes, you can use your authentic freewheel Frequent regular rear wheel is 135mm dropouts, greater grip specially when you ride on steep inclines or in soaked situation.

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Cheap 36V 250W 350W 25km H Geared Electric Bicycle Hub Motor