NEMA 8 DC 2 Phase Stepper Stepping Motor

NEMA 8 DC 2 Phase Stepper Stepping Motor



Number of stator phase Two-Phase 1.8° A few-Phase 1.2° Two phase 0.9° Five phase 0.72°      
step angle .9° 1.8° 1.2° .72° .36°  
Certification CZPT CE RoHS Other      
brand name Prostepper            
Number of outlines 3 lead wire 4 lead wire 6 lead wire 8 lead wire Cable Connector Type  
variety Waterproof Stepping motor (IP65) Connector Type Stepping Motor Lead wire type stepping motor Calbe Lead Wire Stepping Type Motor      
Base 20mm / NEMA 8 28mm / NEMA 11 35mm / NEMA 14 42mm / NEMA 17 57mm / NEMA 23 60mm / NEMA 24 86mm / NEMA 34
Encoder one thousand 2500CPR/10000PPR          

a). For industrial automation equipment: 3D printer, CNC machine, Spark cutting, Engraving machine, Textile machinery, Computer embroidery machine, Packaging machine, Medical equipment robot, manipulator etc.

b). For office automation equipment, computer peripherals: Typewriter, Copying machine, Graph plotter, Stage lighting, ATM machine, Bankbook printer etc.

c). In the field of aerospace and military high-tech: Aircraft, Tank, Satellite etc.

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Payment: TT, L/C, DP, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n, Alipay
Shipping time: 2~3 months
Export port: ZheJiang China
Origin: HangCZPT, China
HS Code: 850115710

Package & Storage
Inside: Large-density foam box
outside the house: hardboard carton box
Packing Qty: 15pcs/Carton
Export bulk packing: Carton + Pallet

NEMA 8 DC 2 Phase Stepper Stepping Motor